Here you’ll find most questions answered, if however you have a different question please don’t hesitate to get in touch, we’ll be pleased to help.

Q – What’s the minimum age & height ?

A – 8 years and minimum 4’6” in height.

Q – Can we race at night ?

A – Yes we are floodlit and operate 12 months of the year.

Q – What should I wear ?

A – Sensible clothing and flat shoes covering the skin, remember it is outdoors and you may get wet clothes.

Q – Can spectators watch ?

A – Ellough Park has purpose built spectator areas for viewing, also all can view the race progress on our banks of screens run by the state of the art timing system.

Q – Can adults and children race together?

A – For ‘arrive and drive’ sessions, yes, children and adults can do timed sessions together (In separate karts) on track.  Children must be over 4’6” and 8 years +.  However, drivers 15 years and under cannot race in any oraganised corporate events (Iron Man challenge, Mini GP, Large Gp or Team endurance events).  Drivers have to be 16 years and over for this.

Q – What do you do for groups of children?

A – Children can do ‘Arrive and drive’, birthday party packages.  All drivers are put through the safety vidoe and then a verbal brief with driver training.  If drivers have never been here before, then a member of staff will show them around the track and stay on circuit with the drivers until they are competant enough and confident enough to drive safely and within their ability.

Q – Are there any leagues that I can join in with without owning my own kart?

A – Yes, you can find these on the home page titled ‘Karting Leagues and Races’.  The events are as follows: Open Team endurance, Open Grand Prix, Open Cadet League and Open Junior League.  We do now and then have some one off special events.  If you join us on Facebook…ellough park raceway beccles…we post any special events on there.

Q – Do we get print outs of our lap times?

A – Yes, if you are using one of our hire karts or part of the EPKC championship you will recieve a print out for each individual driver in your session with your lap times, average lap time, how many laps completed, fastest laps of the day board and details of drivers that were in that session with you.

Q – Does the weather effect you running the session?

A – We race come rain or shine!  The only weather that stops us is the snow.  We are able to clear this if there is only a light dusting but over a foot or two we would struggle!  We do leave slick tyres on our hire karts all year round.  In the wet, yes, it is slippery but this does even out the racing between fast agressive drivers and slower more consistant drivers. As it is all about staying on the track facing the right way for the longest period of time…

Q – What are your minimum and maximum driver numbers on track?

A – If you are using our hire karts: We allow 20 out at once for both private event and  an open arrive and drive session. For corporate events you need a minimum of 10 drivers and for arrive and drive you can have a go by yourself or with a small group.

Q – Do you have twin seater karts?

A – No

Q – Do you have karts with hand controls for disabled drivers?

A – Currently no.

Q – What type of karts can we hire?

A – You can hire: the NEW sodi GT5 single engined 390cc karts (16yrs +), the junior Sodi karts (restricted) 8 – 15 yrs old and over 5ft or the Honda Cadet Karts single engined 160cc, drivers must be 8 – 15yrs old and between 4’6” and 5’1” in height.

Q – How long is the track?

A – The track is 1065m for the longest layout.  We do have smaller layouts running 780m and 960m.

Q – What karts can we use on the track and what do I need as an Owner Driver?

A – We are open to most classes on track. The karts do need to meet a certain safety level before we will let them out on track.  You will need all safety pods on the kart (Side pods, front bumber and rear bumper which must be roughly the length of the rear of the kart – to protect the back wheels to prevent karts running over the top of other karts.  Chain guards, plastic sprocket protectors and be in good working order.   Drivers must fit properly too.  So knees bent while pressing pedals and arms bent slightly when holding the steering wheel.  Drivers must race karts that are suitable for their size and age.  Karts allowed: Honda Cadet, IAME Cadet, Comer Cadet, WTP Cadet, Super Cadet, Easy Kart Cadet, Mini Max, Junior single engined 4 stroke karts, Junior TKM 2 & 4 stroke, Junior Rotax, Junior Easy Kart, KF3, Senior Rotax, Senior 177, Senior TKM 2 & 4 stroke, Senior Easy Kart, Senior Pro Karts, Biland and the Wangle engine kart.  We do not run gearbox karts on this track due to our main layout that we currently run. You will need to have all your own equipment too.  Helmet, gloves, race suit and suitable shoes.  You cannot hire any of this from us!  You have to be self sufficient.

Q – Can we use our own helmets/Suits/Gloves?

A – Yes, as long at the helmet is a full faced helmet with visor or a motor cross lid with full goggles not glasses (Motor cross helmets may not be allowed to be worn soon on track!). They must be done up correctly too.  Suits, you can wear your own as long as it overs your legs, arms and is connected at the waist.  Boiler suits are ok for testing in but race days you will need at least a level 2 race suit with no holes or tears (In good condition). Gloves, yes as long as they are full gloves and not fingerless or mittens and are in good condition.

Q – Can we hire the track for private use?

A – You can hire the track for national events where you use your own karts or for test days where you would like sole use for you and/or a team.  All our corporate events are private hire for the individual events.  Owner drivers or championships who would like to hire the track out for sole use please contact the track on 01502 717718 to discuss in detail as there are a whole host of things you will need to go through (Eg.Marshals, MSA, radios, timing, paramedics and the list goes on).  We can hire the track out on a 2, 4, 6 or 8 hour basis.

Q – Can you race Mini Motos on track?

A – Currently no.

Q – Do you have any catering facilities?

A – Yes, we have an on site diner! We have tasty pizzas cooked in main reception too.  We are linked with the Beccles Wine Vaults in town which is only 5 minutes away if you fancy going off site for some food.  They cater for small and large groups with a bars on the ground floor and in the cellar.  Just give us a call with your requirements and we can talk it through.